Ausgefallene/verstörende Aussagen von Kindern (Übersinnliches & Paranormales allgemein)

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Von BB stammt der Hinweis auf das Magazin "Desired" ("Mode, Beauty, Trends & Lifestyle" [image]), wo exemplarische Beiträge eines Redditfadens gesammelt wurden, in den Eltern atypische Aussagen ihrer Kinder mitteilen konnten. Dieser hat immerhin 14.400 Beiträge, manche derer durchaus reale Wahrnehmungen der Geisterwelt und früherer Inkarnationen wiedergeben könnten.

Ein paar interessante Beispiele:

„Die 4-jährige Tochter meines Arbeitskollegen dachte immer, dass das Rasseln der Wasserrohre im Spülschrank in der Küche ‚weiße Wölfe‘ wären. Das Geräusch machte ihr Angst.
Eines Tages saß sie am Küchentisch und sagte: ‚Mami, die weißen Wölfe sind nicht böse… sie sind unsere Freunde!‘
Ihre Mutter fand diese Idee gut und bekräftigte sie, indem sie sagte: ‚Ja! Die weißen Wölfe beschützen uns. Sie sind unsere Freunde.‘
Dann fügte ihre Tochter hinzu: ‚Sie sind unsere Freunde. Aber nicht der Mann, der über den Boden kriecht und sich neben mein Bett stellt.‘“

„Der Vater meiner Mutter ist zehn Jahre, bevor ich geboren wurde, gestorben. Als ich ungefähr sechs oder sieben Jahre alt war, haben sich meine Eltern scheiden lassen. Einen Tag bevor meine Mutter mir gesagt hat, dass sie sich scheiden lassen, saß ich am Küchentisch und hab gemalt, während meine Mutter Tee machte. Sie sagt, ich hätte plötzlich aufgehört zu malen und hätte zur Haustür gestarrt, als ob ich gehört hätte, dass sie sich öffnete.
Ich starrte eine Weile dorthin, fing dann an zu kichern und sagte: ‚Opa sagt, du sollst dir keine Sorgen machen. Alles wird wieder okay und er wird nicht zulassen, dass etwas Schlimmes passiert.‘ Dann begann ich zu summen und malte weiter. Meine Mutter sagt, das sei das Gruseligste, was ihr jemals passiert ist.“

„Mein Sohn war vielleicht fünf oder sechs Jahre alt, als er völlig unvermittelt sagte:
‚Bevor ich hier geboren wurde, hatte ich eine Schwester, weißt du? Sie und meine andere Mama sind jetzt schon sehr alt. Ihnen ist nichts passiert, als das Auto in Flammen stand. Aber mir schon.‘“

Und noch ein paar, die ich beim Stöbern im Faden selbst gefunden habe:

"I feel a little weird writing this because I don't think past life experiences are 'creepy'... but probably because I was the fucking creepiest kid on earth. From the time I could speak (early, I was reading books when I was three and was born fighting to communicate) to the time I was about six, I talked about things that I couldn't possibly know about or have experienced. The earliest was when I was about two. I would wake up the entire household several times a week screaming 'I AM BURNING! MY LEGS ARE ON FIRE! WHY AREN'T YOU HELPING ME? WHY WONT YOU HELP ME?' my mom would come into my room and I would be bolt upright in bed, arms waving and legs frozen, eyes wide and obviously hysterical. There was nothing she could do to wake me up, but after a few minutes I'd curl up again peacefully.
When I was about four, in my mom's walk in closet, I picked up an antique dress she had just purchased. She wasn't facing me, but she heard me ask, 'Mommy...do you remember when I wore this dress?' She laughed and began to correct me (it's only been in the house a few days and it's special, there's no way...) before she turned around and realized that, once again, at this time old hat, I was completely entranced. I said, 'No, mommy. I wore this when I sang in Spain, in the choir. You remember, you were there. You were in the fourth row with [your friend].' This was the most typical kind of thing.
By the time it started to fade out in kindergarten/first grade, it was less freaky, but still weird, i.e. my mom asking me what I had learned in Kindergarten and me explaining to her how many tonal languages there are and how they are different from one another. I am not of any race related to tonal languages and have no idea what I could have said to her, but apparently she looked it up and I was spot on. I remember none of this. Love, the freaky kid."

"Early one morning, when my daughter was four years old, I was awakened by her yelling, 'Stop it, John, you're scaring me!' There was real distress in her voice and, more alarming, only the two of us in the house! I leaped out of bed and in a few wide steps was out of my bedroom, across the hall, and shoving open her bedroom door. She was sitting cross-legged on her bed and seemed quite startled at my bursting in. I took a quick glance around the room and didn't see anything strange. So, I asked, 'What are you up to?' She said, 'I was just talking to Johnny. He came in to play but I don't want to today.' Thinking, now, that she was just playing pretend, I asked who was Johnny. She gave me a look as if it is so sad how slow I am and said, 'This was Johnny's room before he got hit by a car.'" (wlstel)

"When my brother was about two he stopped playing, looked up at my mother, and said 'I used to be your dad before you were my mommy.' My mother's dad passed away about a year before my brother was born." (Narmie)

"My wife was getting my two years old son up one morning. He was standing in his bed/crib. As she said good morning and walked over to him, he picked up her shirt a little and crooked his head to the side. She asked him what he was doing and he said, 'looking for my baby sister in your tummy.' She laughed it off as a weird kid imagination thing. We found out later that at the time she was two weeks pregnant and it was, in fact, a girl. We are due in September. We had never really had the talk about where babies come from nor did we talk about having another child at all around him. So spooky. " (Jmersh)

"When my little sister first started talking she used to say some really disturbing things. She used to tell us about how her old family would put things inside of her and would make her cry but her Daddy eventually burned her so much that she was able to find us, her new family. She spoke about things like that from the ages of almost two to four, she was much too young to have ever been exposed to any content where children, or anyone else could be sodomized, so my family has always thought she held memories of a prior life." (quackchick)

"Between the ages of two and six my son would tell me the same story of how he picked me to be his mother. He said something about being with a man in a suit and picking a mother that would help him accomplish his souls mission (I'm atheist, so we didn't discuss spirituality at that point, nor was he raised in any sort of religious environment). The way he described it was that it was similar to grocery shopping, that he was in a bright room with people who were lined up like dolls, and that he picked me. The man in the suit asked him if he was sure, he replied that he was, and then he was born.
My son also had an early fascination with WWII era planes. He could identify them, their parts, what region they were used in and the like. I still have no idea where he got that information. I'm a science gal, his dad is a math guy.
We have always called him 'Grandpa' because of his peaceful and gingerly demeanor. This kid seriously has an old soul."

Das soll für's erste reichen.


„Es lebe unser heiliges Deutschland!“

„Was auch draus werde – steh’ zu deinem Volk! Es ist dein angeborner Platz.“

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