Hier bitte, aber es ist die Strafe, nicht die Warnung (Schauungen & Prophezeiungen)

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Hier bitte, aber es ist die Strafe, nicht die Warnung,

The Two Messages of June 19 - 23 - 1962

The following has been completely authenticated with Loli's signature, which I have.

The two Messages of June 19 - 23 - 1962 were accompanied by the dreadful visions of the threatened Chastisement.
Mari Loli describes these visions as follows:

Although we continued to see the Blessed Virgin we saw a great multitude of people who suffered greatly and screamed in anguish. The Virgin explained to us how this GREAT PUNISHMENT would come, because there would come a moment a time in which the Church would seem to perish, as if it were finished or disappearing. The Church would suffer a great trial! We asked the Virgin how this GREAT PUNISHMENT would be called and She said it was called COMMUNISM.
Also, she made us see how the great chastisement for all humanity would come and how it comes directly from God. In a certain moment not a single motor or machine will function. A terrible heat wave will come, and men will suffer a burning thirst. Desperately they will look for water but with the intense heat it will evaporate. With this there will enter into the people a desperation and they will attempt to kill each other, but in those moments their strength will fail and they will fall to the ground. God then will make them see that IT IS HE who directly has permitted all this.
Finally we saw a multitude of people enveloped in flames - desperately they threw themselves into the seas and lakes but upon entering the water far from putting out the flames the water was boiling and seemed to help the flames burn more.
I asked the Blessed Virgin to take all our children with Her. But She said that when this happens

..Sie zeigte uns auch, wie dei große Strafe für die gesamte Menschheit kommen wird
und wie diese direkt von Gott kommt.
In einem bestimmten Moment wird kein Motor und keine Maschine mehr funktionieren.
Eine schreckliche Hitzewelle wird kommen, und die Menschen werden brennenden Durst verspüren. ........

mfG Georg

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