die üblichen Verdächtigen (Schauungen & Prophezeiungen)

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Hallo Marc,

Es geht um die Arbeit von Courtney Brown und seinem Experiment mit Hilfe von Spezialisten des remote viewing einen endgültigen wissenschaftlichen Nachweis für das PSI-Phänomen zu erbringen. Dafür hatte er 2008 rund 40 Experten für sein Experiment gewonnen. Zuvor ausgewählte, neun verschiedene geographische Standorte, vornehmlich in Amerika, Afrika und Australien sollten auf ihre zukünftige Entwicklung hin beobachtet werden. Beabsichtigt war vor allem Hinweise auf langfristige Umweltveränderungen zu sammeln.

um das Bild von Courtney Brown abzurunden:

" 'Farsight' is a spin off from the remote viewing program developed at Stanford Research Institute (SRI: the distribution outlet for Tavistock propaganda in America) which was funded by, and closely associated with, CIA mind control operations. SRI worked closely with Dr Jolly West and other main figures in CIA mind control programs. SRI developed remote viewing 'science' with Ingo Swann and the military in the 1970s and 80s.

Ed Dames, Lyn Buchanann, David Moorehouse, etc., etc., are ALL connected to the military and SRI. Courtney was trained under Ed Dames as a civilian. (Ed.: Ed Dames ist auch als 'Dr. Doom' bekannt)

Courtney Brown and his team of 'professional' remote views predicted in 1996 and into 1997 that there was going to be a big ET (Greys) invasion following the 1996 election and we were all going to experience earth shaking events and witness a 'new order' etc.

Of course, NONE of his scary predictions came true and he removed all references to these 'professional' remote viewing sessions from his web site in 1997 or 1998. Fortunately, I found them with the Wayback Machine and will post them to my web site in the near future.

The giant asteroid hitting the earth and causing great cataclysms, tsunamis, etc., is a FAVORED doom and gloom epic scenario concocted by the CIA (via doomsday movies like 2012, etc), as is the Nibiru fairy tale manufactured by Zeta Talk, another CIA/NASA disinformation outlet.

Courtney Brown had a big falling out with Art Bell in the 1997 period over the 'companion' to the Hale Bobb comet. Whitley Streiber and Art Bell jumped down Courtney's throat on the air for his use of a 'faked' photo. However, in this case, I believe that there WAS an alien-controlled Hale Bobb companion and Courtney was made to look foolish to cover up the discovery of the 'companion' by amateur astronomer Chuck Schramek, who died unexpected a year or so later (and may have been targeted for elimination).

When June of 2013 arrives and there is no asteroid hit or coastal flooding kill off, Courtney won't apologize for anything. He'll simply take those dire predictions off his web site and carry on as if nothing had happened; just like he did in 1997 with his ET invasion BS. Zeta Talk did the same thing in 2003 when THEIR predicted End-of-the-world scenario failed to materialize. Zeta Talk merely changed the 'hit' date to Dec 2012 from their ORIGINAL hit date of May/June 2003, and carry on as if they never revealed themselves--for the whole world to see-- to be laughable CIA disinformation psy-op peddlers."


Ich nehme an, daß Taurec mit seiner Vermutung zu eFisch's Weihnachts-Film richtig liegt:

"Im schlimmsten Falle hast Du ein 'morphisches Feld' oder ein Reservoir mit Gedankenformen, die von Prophezeiungskennern oder in Zusammengang mit dem 21. 12. 2012 von Menschen in die Welt gesetzt wurden, angezapft."

Wer trotzdem näheres zu Brown's Theorien erfahren möchte, sei auf sein Buch "Cosmic Explorers: Scientific Remote Viewing, Extraterrestrials, and a Message for Mankind." verwiesen.

Aber nicht downloaden: Das ist noch verbotener als Falschparken!


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