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Aus den Forumsarchiven.

"Syria Has The Key

May 30, 1981: "My child, one part only can be made known, given to you. Syria has the key to the solution of world peace or the third world war. It will be the destruction of three quarters of the world. A world aflame, with also the Ball of Redemption. "Your country, the United States, and many nations of the world now are under the domination of a godless government. As such, without prayer, atonement and sacrifice. I say unto you now, as your Mother, that you, too, proud and arrogant a nation that you be, the United States shall fall. Many shall suffer."

"Syria holds key to peace

May 28, 1983: "Wars are a punishment for man's sins. Syria holds the key to peace at this time. However, I place in front of you, My children, a graphic picture for you to understand. It will be a parable for some, and some will turn away not willing to hear what Heaven has to say in these desperate times."

Veronica - Our Lady is pointing up with Her finger, like this, to Her right side, and high above Her the sky is opening up - all the clouds are floating away and the sky is opening up and I see a map of the Mideast. And then Our Lady is pointing up farther and that's another map of China and Russia. Our Lady is turning back now: She was looking upward also.

Our Lady - "My child and My children, there are scoffers who will say there shall not be a Third World War. They do not know and cannot conceive of the plan of the Eternal Father. Be it known now that the Father has great heart for all His children, but when the sin reaches a peak only known to the Father the amount of sin among mankind, then the Father will take action. He will allow you to go upon your reprobate way until there will be few souls to save upon earth, for the others will have died in battle and also at the hands of a corrupt generation of the young."."

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„Es lebe unser heiliges Deutschland!“

„Was auch draus werde – steh zu deinem Volk! Es ist dein angeborner Platz.“

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