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Titel: Edgar Cayce prophecies proven by Chandler's Wobble
Beitrag von: basey am 26. Juli 2007, 02:43:22
Eight Charts Which Prove That
Chandler's Wobble Causes Earthquakes,
Volcanism, El Nino, and Global Warming

We begin with two graphs which directly and elegantly confirm the validity of Edgar Cayce's remarkable 1930's predictions that long range geological changes would occur after 1958 and begin to accelerate in 1998. In an effort to prove or disprove certain comments and predictions made during the 1930’s by a well known psychic, Edgar Cayce, Mandeville undertook a study of the Earth’s patterns of tectonic activity during the 20th century. Since the only data which permitted an examination of the behavior of the entire Earth were the records of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, these records were compiled by the author into databases from which two primary summary charts, "Chart 101 Worldwide Trend In Seismic Activity" and "Chart 102 Worldwide Trend In Volcanism" were prepared. Both charts show a dramatic major increase in such activity in a steady progressive upward trend over a period of at least forty years. The increase in earthquake and volcanic activity easily seems to be at least fourfold.

http://www.michaelmandeville.com/polarmotion/spinaxis/vortex_correlations2.htm ("http://www.michaelmandeville.com/polarmotion/spinaxis/vortex_correlations2.htm")



Writing in the August 1 issue of Geophysical Research Letters, Richard Gross, a JPL geophysicist, reports that the principal cause of the Chandler wobble is fluctuating pressure on the bottom of the ocean, caused by temperature and salinity changes and wind-driven changes in the circulation of the oceans. He determined this by applying numerical models of the oceans, which have only recently become available through the work of other researchers, to data on the Chandler wobble obtained during the years 1985-1995. Gross calculated that two-thirds of the Chandler wobble is caused by ocean-bottom pressure changes and the remaining one-third by fluctuations in atmospheric pressure. He says that the effect of atmospheric winds and ocean currents on the wobble was minor

Titel: Edgar Cayce prophecies proven by Chandler's Wobble
Beitrag von: basey am 26. Juli 2007, 03:27:46
Earth's Wobble Burps
The OU Department of Earth Sciences team, PhD student Dave Kemp and supervisors Drs. Angela Coe and Anthony Cohen, along with Dr. Lorenz Schwark of the University of Cologne, discovered evidence suggesting that vast amounts of methane gas were released to the atmosphere in three massive 'methane burps' or pulses. The addition of methane, a greenhouse gas, to the atmosphere had a severe impact on the environment, warming Earth about 10 C, and resulting in the extinction of a large number of species on land and in the oceans.
Edgar Cayce spoke of "the end" as a great sudden release of energy... could this be it?
Der grosse methan pfortz --- dann sense! :017:

Titel: Edgar Cayce prophecies proven by Chandler's Wobble
Beitrag von: basey am 26. Juli 2007, 03:44:18
Volcanoes Ate Oxygen
A number of hypotheses have been used to explain how free oxygen first accumulated in Earth's atmosphere some 2.4 billion years ago, but a full understanding has proven elusive. Now a new model offers plausible scenarios for how oxygen came to dominate the atmosphere, and why it took at least 300 million years after bacterial photosynthesis started producing oxygen in large quantities.